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The Tree Men, Inc.

The Tree Men, Inc.

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Keep your tree healthy

Pruning is not only important for your tree’s growth and development; it is a matter of safety as well. If a dead branch is not tended to, you run the risk of causing damage to your home and worst yet causing injury to someone.

All of our services are here to keep your trees healthy and to keep you safe. Our pruning services include:

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Regular pruning services also help the tree grow properly. When properly pruned, the tree will not have improper weight distribution, which could cause serious problems later on with its life.  


Our crowning services also help the tree’s lifespan. The crown of your tree is where it gets most of its energy. We do this ensure that the tree is receiving proper sunlight and air through its canopy.

Importance of pruning

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"The Tree Men, Inc. has been caring for my trees for 20 years. Their professionalism and personal care have been most outstanding."

-Vincent, West Los Angeles

Pruning tree
  • Lacing and thinning

  • Selective/ artistic/ corrective pruning

  • Trimming and shaping (hedges and shrubs included)

  • Crown reduction

Trimmed Tree Pruning