Out on a limb with a tree problem?

The Tree Men, Inc.

The Tree Men, Inc.

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Rid your property of unwanted trees

There is no job too big or too small for our services. With our experience, we can remove any unwanted, damaged, or dead trees that are on your property.

Enhance the beauty of your property by taking care of any tree removal needs you may have.

Let the experts take the risk

At The Tree Men, Inc., we understand that tree removal can be risky not only to you, but to your property as well.


We make sure to protect any existing structures, driveways, walkways, and cover your lawn to make sure there is no damage to your home or property.

Caution and safety are important

"I was extremely pleased with the work that was done by The Tree Men, Inc. The workmen were polite. All certificates of insurance were issued immediately. This firm was most accommodating. I will most definitely use them in the future."

- Susan, Pacific Palisades

Senior discounts available


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