Out on a limb with a tree problem?

The Tree Men, Inc.

The Tree Men, Inc.

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Give your trees a long lasting life

Your trees' health and lifespan is our number one concern. Our services are all great ways to ensure a long and healthy life for your trees, and there are ways we can keep your trees safe from insects and diseases.

  • Tree and root surgery

  • Systematic injection feeding

  • Soil analysis

  • Mulch and wood chips

  • Pruning and trimming

  • Deep root fertilization

  • Landscaping

Give your tree the best treatment

With our services and equipment, we can make sure that your trees and shrubs are receiving the proper nutrients needed for the upcoming season.


We like to maintain a relationship with our customers and send out seasonal reminders to evaluate their property to ensure that their trees are in good health.

Keeping your trees healthy

Seasonal services available


"If you want a beautiful yard with healthy trees, The Tree Men, Inc. is the one to call for quality service."

- Melinda, Brentwood

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